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Here is a selection of the most requested, advanced and popular health-promoting beauty treatments available today. All our treatments start with a skin analysis, where we have the opportunity to advise the customer regarding an appropriate treatment and suitable products.
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Chemical peel


Cosmo Peel

To combat wrinkles, large-pored skin, sun-damaged skin and pigmentation, why should I choose a cosmo peel? Safe and controlled skin penetration with a buffered TCA acid, consolidates and extends the life of the active ingredient TCA, counteracts inflammation, excellent results. Reduces signs of ageing, improves the smoothness and lustre of the skin, reduces acne and pigment spots. Available in 4 different strengths.


Mela Peel

Suitable for pigment spots, melasma and post-inflammation hyperpigmentation. Mela peel is a safe and quick treatment (only takes around 20 minutes). It reduces pigment spots and gives an even skin tone and visible results after the very first treatment.


Milk Peel

Milk peel counteracts fine lines, greyish and a dull, lifeless skin tone. This form of exfoliation is suitable for all skin tones and is extremely safe. No recovery time is needed (so very suitable as a lunchtime treatment) and it only takes 10 minutes. Restores the skin’s lustre, regulates oily skin and reduces pore depth, improves fine lines, smooths skin tone.


Prices for chemical peels start at SEK 1,500

Facial treatments


The Regenerating facial

This regenerating facial treatment restores the skin’s youthful energy, revives and tightens the skin and gives it a lift, for a more velvety appearance.


The Radiance Facial

This treatment gives the skin lustre and energy, the skin becomes clear and smooth with an incredible velvety feel.


The purifying Facial

Deep steam diamond smoothing with microdermabrasion, a detoxifying deep-cleansing massage.

Prices for facial treatments start at SEK 1,000




Microdermabrasion is a smoothing procedure using diamond crystals that provides an aesthetic experience not found in conventional crystal-based treatments. Microdermabrasion Pristine is a system that combines exfoliation and vacuuming functions. With genuine laser-cut diamonds in its treatment head, Pristine™ is the most reliable method on the market for creating the optimum microdermabrasion treatment.

The skin is carefully exfoliated without cuts or scratches. Combining the unit for each treatment with the exact vacuum pressure guarantees maximum control of the different depths of the exfoliation. It triggers skin cell renewal and the skin becomes velvety smooth after the very first treatment. Can also be used on sensitive rosacea skin.

Prices for microdermabrasion start at SEK 1,500

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