Treatments and Pricing


starting at

1 900 sek

INFUZION is a revolutionary treatment that injects skin boosters into the dermis via the hair follicle and the sweat gland. Hualyronic acid is infused with the help of galvanized current and a patented roller. Reduces dark circles, creates a  glowing luster and smoothnes.


starting at

2 200 sek

Recommended for those who have first undergone an Infuzion Booster treatment, gives more volume to eg lips, cheeks, under the eyes, décolleté and hands.


starting at

1 950 sek

Microneedling is the latest breakthrough in skin rejuvenation. This method use needles to cause a fractional minor damage to the skin. In this way, the skin’s re-growth process are stimulated and chanels are created where the production of collagen increases the skin’s ability to absorb moisture, vitamins and other nutrients. The result is a better skin texture and reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, uneven skin.

Full range of prices and treatments below.


A  selection of our treatments and products. Contact us if you want more information or to take part in our extened offerering.

Facial Treatments

A good start and initial treatment for those who want a cleaner and clearer skin, where youre skin will be thoroughly clean in depth

All facial treatments are adapted to the skin type and needs, where we tailor the treatment to your skin type and your wishes.

Facial treatment classic
1 200 sek

50 minutes
Treatment includes skin analysis, microdermabrasion, cleansing, acupressure and mask.

Facial treatment – Acne skin
990 sek

60 minutes
Treatment includes skin analysis, cleaning, dietary advice,emptying of pores, mask, sample of a suitable products.

Male treatment
990 sek

50-60 minutes
Treatment includes skin analysis, peeling, cleansing, facial massage, special mask.

Natura Bissé-GLOW 02 RELAX
1 350 sek

60 minutes

Luminous, cleansing and balancing

Fantastic exfoliating and energizing treatment that boosts the cells and moisturizes the skin with the right GLOW effect. The revitalizing powerful effect of pure oxygen cleanses and brightens a tired and dull skin. You get an even nice glow and skin tone.

Facial treatments luxury
1 500 sek

75 minutes
Treatment includes skin analysis, microdermabrasion diamond, chemical peel mask, cleanser, massage and special mask.

Facial treatment 
Teenager (up to 17 y)
890 sek

50 minutes
Treatment includes skin analysis, cleaning, dietary advice,emptying of pores, mask, sample of a suitable product.

Lunch treatment
850 sek

30-40 minutes
Boost your skin over a lunch break with microdermabrasion, vitamin cocktail and led mask.

1 300 sek

60 minutes

Soothing facial treatment that is adapted for sensitive skin and rosacea.

The treatment is anti-inflammatory which immediately repairs, balances and restores the condition of the skin. The products used in this treatment builds up youre skin’s natural barrier and thus protect the skin against both internal and external stresses.

Infuzion Skinbooster

Our range of treatments and packages within Infuzion skinbooster. For customized packages book in for a consultation below.

1 900 sek

One treatment x 45 minutes

Face & neck
2 900 sek

One treatment x 55 minutes

Face, neck & cleavage
4 000 sek

One treatment x 75 minutes

Facial cure
3 500 sek

Three treatments x 45 minutes

Face & neck cure
7 800 sek

Three treatments x 55 minutes

Face, neck & cleavage cure
10 750 sek

Three treatments x 75 minuter 


Our range of treatments and packages within Infuzion Volymizer. For customized packages, book a consultation below.

2 200 sek

One treatment x 50 minutes

2 200 sek

One treatment x 50 minutes

2 200 sek

One treatment x 50 minutes

Viora Reaction

Tightening and fat reduction with radio- and multi-frequency. Collagen and elastin in the skin are stagnated, where we through different frequencies can achieve a fantastic result on the jaw line, dark circles under eyes, sun-damaged décolleté and tightens skin.

3 000 sek

One treatment x 50 minutes

Face, neck & cleavage
4 500 sek

One treatment x 75 minutes

Face & neck
3 900 sek

One treatment x 60 minutes

Body treatment for cellulite and sagging skin
1 700 sek / treatment area

Micro needling

Services and packages within Micro Needling. Make an appointment to tailor a treatment plan for your skin.

2 450 sek

One treatment x 50 minutes

Face & neck
2 650 sek

One treatment x 60 minutes

Face, neck and decoltage
3 500 sek

One treatment x 75 minutes

facial cure
5 900 sek

Three treatments x 50 minutes

Face & neck cure
7 500 sek

Three treatments x 60 minutes

Face, neck and decoltage cure
9 750 sek

Three treatments x 75 minutes


Celebrities have fallen in love with LED mask therapy and its effect and properties of the light. The light of the LED mask is directed at the skin and reaches each cell and transfers energy without heating or irritating. The LED mask has several different color of light depending on the wavelength. We offer red, blue, yellow and green light for different skin problems. 

starting at 1 000 sek

from 50 minutes

LED light properties:
– relieves skin inflammation
– relieves stretch marks, wrinkles and pigment spots
– counteracts dark circles and swollen eye-healing properties
– stimulates cell renewal
– good against roscacea.

Red light stimulates collagen production and cell renewal, against aging
Blue light fights bacteria, relieves irritation and redness.
Yellow light stimulates the nervous system, suitable in relaxing treatments
Green light stimulate skin repair, gives radiance and makes the skin more elastic, good wrinkle treatment.



This fantastic collagen powder is now being launched on the Scandinavian market. The unique thing about Unique Pink Collagen is its special composition of well-selected 100 percent natural ingredients, developed to give the best results for your skin and your well-being.

Product description
1 295 sek per unit

The collagen used in the product is VERISOL and Unique Pink Collagen contains a double dose of VERISOL compared to other products. It has through studies shown strong visible results on the depth of wrinkles, increased elasticity of the skin, and reduced degree of cellulite. The powder also contains ingredients that positively affect digestion – improve the absorption of nutrients, provide more energy and reduce problems with a swollen stomach, which many suffer from.

We have tested the product ourselves during 4 weeks of use and experience visibly more elastic and firmer skin. Not only on the face but also on the neck, décolleté, arms and thighs. Significantly more energy and vitality from a more prosperous intestinal flora.

Chemical Peeling

Our range of peeling treatments. For customized packages, book a consultation below.
Milk Peel
1 700 sek

Milk peel counteracts fine lines, grayish skin tone, dull and lifeless skin tone. This peeling suits all skin tones and is very safe. It has no recovery time and is well suited as a lunch treatment. Restores the skin’s radiance, regulates oily skin and reduces pore depth, improves fine lines, evens out skin tone.

15 minutes

Meela Peel Forte
3 100 sek
A powerful peeling against melasma & pigment spots. Promotes homogeneous skin and improves skin structure & radiance, brightens the skin. 
30 minutes
Mask Peel
1 200 sek

Visually reduces pores, cleanses the skin and removes excess sebum. Fits mainly an oily & impure skin with clogged pores but also a Quick fix mask before a wedding or party.

10 minutes

Cosmo Peel
2 700 sek

Against wrinkles, rough pores, smoke wrinkles & pigment changes. Safe and controlled skin penetration with a buffered TCA acid, strengthens and prolongs the active ingredient TCA, counteracts inflammation with fine results. Reduces signs of aging, improves skin smoothness, radiance, reduces acne and pigment spots. Available in 4 different strengths.

30 minutes

Cosmo Peel Forte
3 100 sek

A more powerful variant of cosmo peel, where fewer treatments is needed (depending on skin type) not Suitable for sensitive skin.

30 minutes

Tailored skincare

Tina Wellness and Beauty offers the best and latest innovations within beauty research and development. With in-depth experience in medical skin care, we can provide you with the safest techniques and treamtents with track record of amazing results.
The treatments are provided in a private and exclusive environment in Östermalm, Stockholm. Always with total confidentiality and discretion for our customers.

We have a close collaboration with doctors and together with over 20 years of experience in the industry, PHD from Beauty therapist school with international CIDESCO certification, laser therapy training SLMS University degree - you can comfortly know that our expertis is extensiv and treatments are performed by the most qualified people in the business.