Beauty queen

jul 2, 2020 | Pressklipp, Utvalt


TINA WEHLIN HAS WORKED with beauty all over the world; from the spa departments in five star luxury hotels in the Swiss Alps and fashion shows during Fashion Week in both Milan and Paris to grand weddings and work with actors during the Cannes Film Festival. She began her career as an esthetician and makeup artist and also trained as a laser therapist and dietician. Tina was there when the beauty department at Björn Axén opened just over 20 years ago and she was also involved in the start of the exclusive NK Salon. Tina has a solid track record, it is no doubt. She has packed a lot in her career. Today, she still is on international assignments for people asking for her expertise and lectures in beauty when she is not taking care of customers in her own salon in Östermalm where we found her.
– I control my times with customers directly and therefore has no drop in bookings. I hire professional help and partners when necessary and for various events, it allows me to maximize and manage my time when I sometimes have to go away on assignment. I have clients in Paris and on the Riviera, where I also collect a lot of inspiration, says Tina. I have previously worked on large clinics / salons, but knows that customers want more and more peace and quiet today. Some customers come here with private chauffeur and they want it more private and exclusive. When going on a treatment you want to be well received and enjoy quality time. I offer personal service. They can come here and relax before and after my treatment, then I can o er healthy drinks and light meals or what the customer wants. After the treatment, I always apply a makeup so that the customer feels beautiful, it is a much appreciated service that I offer.

There are many today in the beauty and health sector who is talking about holistic values; you should have a holistic approach. But very few that we have encountered are working from a holistic perspective with as many different angles as Tina actually do. At a consultation, she looks at what customers want help with, how long time they have and what goals they want to achieve. Tina then puts up a customized program that may include both sleep, food, vitamins, exercise and beauty treatments.

– I started working with di erent skin care products, then I became very interested and wanted to know more. I have been thinking along those topics regarding diet and exercise since I was little. I like beauti- ful things and environments, but have always understood that it starts from within. That is why I have studied, and continuously educates me.

– During a consultation, I go through a holistic approach based on the customer living, diet, exercise, social interaction, and if you are a happy person and so on. It allows me to treat all customers individually and di erent. The most important thing is of course to listen to the customer and what she / he has for wishes and requirements, whether it is to get rid of wrinkles and acne or to lose weight. Next, it is important to communicate what is reasonable, then I put it up in consultation with the client. One must also be able to give the process enough time. Beauty and health is not something that you can rush forward.
Tina says that there are no shortcuts and that people should not rush out of a treatment, but there is much help to get. That’s when she takes in their devices, laser and doctors. She collaborates with physicians when stronger treatments such as dermal llers, botox, birthmarks are required.

– You can not just think about the present time. You need to think ahead and long term. I say that my machines are as a pension fund because you work inside the skin and goes into the di erent layers of the skin. Infrared light therapy strengthens elastin and collagen in the skin. It is not forever, but you need to do a treatment and then you update with a follow-up treatment within 3–6 months, but it is money well invested. Today it is very popular with quick and effective lunch treatments that take less than 30 minutes and gives great results.

– You look beautiful when you walk out of here. After an IR treatment, you will be rosy with high luster and can feel that the skin becomes more streamlined and tight. Freshness is visible at once, but it really takes three weeks before the collagen and elastin have made total e ect. You can also have a microdermabrasion treatment with diamond abrasives during lunch time. It will freshening up the skin and improve wrinkles, large pores and sun damaged skin. Afterwards we apply a comfortable gold mask or an antioxidant mask which is very relaxing.

Tips and advices in nutrition and exercise uses Tina as part of its overall concept if it coincides with the customer’s wishes, because it also affects health, body and skin.

– The most common thing are customers who are tired, even young people. Then I look at their life style, sleep, stress, how often they drink alcohol, vitamin intake if they eat any fruit or vegetables in their daily diet. Then you can get very far with helping them. Many also eat very wrong. I think that the new generation eats better than the older generation where many will have its eleven coffee, his sandwich with jam or whatever it may be. It is important to live as you want, but if the customer must get good results, you will have to bring in something new. For a period in any case. Which usually makes a big difference to how you feel and look.

The customers have equal width and variation as the councils Tina has to give. It can range from conscious women getting married and helpless teenage boys into mature, wives of Embassy personal and hustling male careerists.

– Today I have 25% of regular male customers which is a huge contrast to ten years ago. Back then the men were ashamed to go to the beauty salons, but today it is trendy to take care of themselves and their skin. The youngest of my clients is 12 years old and I help him with acne problems. I help the younger clients even with diet; for example so that they are reducing the butter, salt and cheese when they are young. Usually they do not listen to their parents, but when they come to me I can get a young guy to start with a diet in a positive way, says Tina.

– I also know men who are on the go, working hard, meet a lot of people, is around 35, and that is very particular about their appearance and do not want to look tired. A large part of my clientele consists of regular customers, which is part of my philosophy. I do not do a treatment and just drop o the client, I work long term. I always write records of all customers with information such as allergies, how they live, medicines, and other relevant facts. It is important to have as much details as possible to avoid malpractice, or to use a product that the customer is allergic to, but it is unfortunately that not everyone does it today! Tina says that the most important thing for her is that you should feel good when you leave her salon and that she has conveyed positive energy. After spending over an hour in her company, we can definitely confirm that it clearly is one of her many strengths.